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# 15 common problem in Fridge

Electrical stove, gas stove and fridge are necessary kitchen appliances that provide us convenience in cooking food. We often use this electrical device as a quick meal solution but we might not be aware of the problems attached with them. This article highlight some common problem in fridge that users might encounter. In case you are not aware of the knowledge, this article will help you to troubleshoot and solve it.

Before we start, I would like to share some tips for becoming a technician:

- Fixing your fridge on your own may harm you. You should call expert technician if there is problems in your fridge. That said, if you want to try fixing the problem, you should still read this article to prevent your fridge to heat up.
- Fridge only works when there is power supply from the socket. Unplug all the plug if you want to open the fridge door. Only open the door when it is standing on a firm place and don't put anything that might fall down inside the refrigerator.
- Always use a dry clothes to clean the inside of your fridge. Don't use water at all. If you want to sanitize it (in case of any bacteria), always use diluted vinegar in water, not plain water.
- In case there is abnormal sound coming from inside the refrigerator then you should call expert technician as soon as possible.
- Keep the door of your fridge closed as much as possible to creates a good environment for preserving food inside your fridge.

#1. Moisture in bottom part of fridge (underlay)

The very first problem we might encounter is that there is moisture in the bottom part of our refrigerator. This case can happen if we open the door too often. Air cannot flow through the bottom part of fridge and it creates a condition for mold to grow over there.

If moisture in your fridge, the first thing to do is empty all items that are located on the bottom level and clean it with warm water or wipe it with wet towel. Make sure you dry everything completely before you put it back in your fridge. If you don't know how to clean the inside of refrigerator, you can use vinegar instead of water so that smell will be away after few hours.

If there is any mold on the surface and you want to get rid of it then wipe it off with diluted vinegar and let it dry for a day before you put it back.

#2. The temperature is too high in fridge

If we open the door of refrigerator and there is smell of hot air then you should check if the compressor is working fine or not by checking all connections. If everything seems to be okay, then you can call technician for inspection or you can try the following things: 1. Unplug the fridge for 1 hours to let it cool down slowly 2. Clean out any dust inside your fridge, especially at the back of the compressor or behind your refrigerator 3. If there is water dripping down, you can dry it with towel 4. Move your refrigerator away from wall for air circulation

#3. Discoloration of food

The food inside your refrigerator may discolor even when it is sealed properly. The reason for this condition can be that the color of container or the content was not suitable with temperature inside fridge. It might also because of using too much plastic bags in case of keeping vegetables or fruits fresh longer.

In order to prevent discoloration, we need to select color of containers that is appropriate with content. If we use too much plastic bags, it will affect the quality of food and might discolor it. You should consider using new method for storing your food like using glass container or ceramic jar instead.

#4. The taste of meat gets changed

If you find different texture or odor when eating meat or fish then you should think about the way we store it. You should put meat in a sealed container and put enough space between them so that they can circulate air around it.

#5. Molding of cakes, cookies and other bakery products

Without an effective circulation of air, your bakery products may mold easily. If you store it at the right temperature then there shouldn't be any problem of getting mold on your favorite cakes and cookies.

If you find any mold on them, the first thing you should do is remove that area and replace it with new one. You don't have to throw the whole food if only part of it is affected by mold.

#6. Color of meat turns dark

If you find that meat in your refrigerator is getting darker, then the first thing to do is check if it was stored properly. Meat should be kept at right temperature and humidity. The color of meat will change if they are not stored at the right condition.

#7. Abnormal sound from inside fridge or freezer

In order to prevent any damage to your fridge or freezer, it will be good for you if you check if everything is kept at its proper place. If there are some sharp edges that can damage compressor then you should fix them by yourself or call technician and ask him for maintenance service.

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